Clock Benjamin black 60CM

EAN: 8720207386524

Clock Benjamin

Clocks are no longer just hanging on walls to show the time. In our modern households we also demand that our clocks really add something to our wall. No boring, ugly clock but a decorative eye-catcher that we love to read the time from.

LW Collection

The LW Collection range offers a wide range of various clocks, including the special wall clock from the Benjamin series.


This round black clock with a size of 60 cm has a trendy look and fits into any interior. This clock is a favorite with customers who do not want to be tied to 1 specific living style and who want to retain the freedom to experiment with their interior without having to buy a new clock every time. Wall clock Oliver is timeless and modern and can therefore be perfectly combined with various living styles.

Wholesale clocks

Clocks from LW Collection are of high quality. We have a wide range of wall clocks in stock. Clocks Wholesale LW Collection credentials can  are requested via the website. After approval you have access to all prices.

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