About LW Collection B.V.

LW Collection is a professional wholesaler in home accessories. We have a wide range of wall clocks, room screens, ready made curtains and office chairs  at competitive purchasing rates. LW Collection is the only one in the Benelux to offer an extensive collection of modern wall clocks and room screens.

Wholesale wall clocks / Wholesale wall clocks

LW Collection has been supplying web shops and stores with a diverse and unique collection of wall clocks for some time at competitive rates. The wall clocks are available in many types, colors and sizes. Clocks wholesale need? Then you've come to the right place!

Wholesale Room Dividers / Wholesale room dividers paravent

Room screens have several names, in English the screens are known as room dividers. In our country, folding screens are also called paravent or partition wall. Room dividers are handy room dividers and are often used to divide a room. This way you don't have to place a wall to create an extra space in the room.

Wholesale folding screens need? Contact us for options and wholesale prices.

Wholesale curtains / Wholesale curtains

Curtains are often very expensive because your home consists of several windows. Most windows have standard sizes, so we have kept these standard sizes and can therefore supply ready-made curtains at competitive rates. Our range of ready-made curtains consists of no less than 10 colors, with each color available in 6 different standard sizes that fit in most households. Wholesale curtains at competitive rates, that's what LW Collection stands for.

Wholesale Office chairs / Wholesale gaming chairs

Gaming chairs from LW Collection consist of different colors and types. You can choose between a gaming chair with a footrest , or a gaming chair without a footrest. In addition to gaming chairs, LW Collection also offers office chairs. Desk chairs from LW Collection are of high quality and easy to assemble. Wholesale office chairs, or need a wholesale in game chairs? Ask for the possibilities.

Dropshipping service

If your dealer request has been approved, we offer the possibility to also use our dropshipping service. This means that you don't have to keep stocks. As soon as you have an order from a customer, you can enter the order in our dealer portal. We then ensure that the order is sent to your customer.

Do you want to dropship curtains? Or do you want to wall clocks dropship? Dropship game chairs? Dropship desk chairs? Room screens dropshipping, we ensure that the products are delivered to your customers at a competitive rate.

Because we keep large stocks, we can deliver immediately in almost all cases. Once you have placed an order, we will deliver the product within 1-2 days.