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Clock Noah 30cm



EAN: 8720207379809

Clock Noah
Finding a suitable wall clock for your home can be a time consuming and difficult job. After all, a clock is no longer just functional, but must also match the interior. LW Collection offers a wide range of various clocks for different interior styles.

Wall clock 30cm
Are you looking for especially a clock with a distinct design or would you rather go for a neutral clock that suits multiple styles? In this series LW Collection offers several glass wall clocks with a size of 30 cm. These glass wall clocks have a unique design and are therefore very popular with our customers.

Wall clock Noah is not a standard clock  which you will find in many households. Our customers who bought this beautiful clock were explicitly looking for an exclusive eye-catching wall clock on the wall.

Clocks wholesale

Clocks from LW Collection are of high quality. We have a wide range of wall clocks in stock. Clocks Wholesale LW Collection credentials can  are requested via the website. After approval you have access to all prices.

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