Room divider screen 5 panels black wood 170X200CM



EAN: 8720207380133

Simple and affordable

A handy way to divide rooms is to use a folding screen. A simple and affordable solution to create new possibilities in your room. With our room screens  you can get creative in the house and thus still create a new space in the house.

The partition wall can, for example, also be used to screen off a room. Our room dividers  are also used as decoration pieces. LW Collection has a wide range of room screens in various styles, materials and colours. The room dividers from LW Collection are made of high-quality materials in order to guarantee the highest quality.

Room screen five panels

This decorative room divider with 5 panels made of wood in the color black has a size of 170x200 cm (LxW) and fits well with any interior at home or at your workplace.

Room screens wholesale

Room screens from LW Collection are of high quality. Our room dividers consist of 3, 4 or 5 panels. Room screens wholesaler LW Collection login credentials can be  requested through the website. After approval you have access to all prices.

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